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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 12, 2009 10:00am-10:59am EDT

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>> right nowon msmsnb prpresent obama's new push for the stimulus.. is the economy bre beginningegit hispopulalatyty? whyhy iestigators sayththe
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lilino cemetery investigagaonon is going too g worse. itits s go for the shuttle "e"eeaeavo." a live reporort ming up. later a story y y can t ta lying down. the deal b behnd a new ierert aze. gogo morning,everybody. i'm n nor o o'dnell in for alex witt. we'll have all t th news straight ahahea plusnfnfortion ababouaa eeeenar's neww claimt fame. whwhy 's'sn the had history books. t t fit to washingngnn where we are lenining new d detlslsn th p-p-seet cia programs whose extence was justrevealed.d. nbnene has learned t the cia kept that program under wraps because then-vice preresintnt dk cheney d dn'n't nt cook to know about it. cia rerect rereonnetta just learned about the program on june 23r3rddnd he reportedly canceled itimmedidiaty.y. i'm joinededowow from thee whit ususe b by nbc news corresponde mimike haveve we heard anynyrere yet frfromhehe fmer vice esesidt? >> reporter:r: wl,l,e know that
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isis pgram was in existence though we don't know what t the program was x xexexptpt i a ver general sense countererteororis program. babackhehe the cia w under tremendous pressure toto come u with some countertrterrirism programs, ththisasasomething th w wasn the works. it existed some eighttears without bomomin operational. ththe legation accocoining our reporting i theneneyork timemes"heherehis story firir appeareded, nene hehe than v vic president t ckck cney did not wawanthehe existence of t th poport to ongress. fafastoror a to june 23rdhen leon panetta, thee c crrent didictctorf central intelligence, hehedd about the prprogm and ninixedd .. he went the nene d dayo congress anan memberers o the committee whwhathappened. ininindsht that generated thisis controversial letterroro netta to democrats on e intetellenenceommittee talking
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about the cia'a's o-callll or alleged ptern of isisading coress, demananngng a investstigioionow from at least one of those members thattasas signatory to that letter. norah? >> we have any ea, mme,e, what thihiop-kred classified progograis, as, that's b be cancncel?? no, other t tha t to sayay it wa cocounrtrterrism program that was never made opoperional, and erein lies little gray area of what needs t to eported or is ququir under the w to be reported to cocoreressthe soalled gang of eieit,t, the coreressnal leaders and airman and ranking membeberf the innteigigce committees, rara whether oror n that was s acalal needed, thther there was a violation here. in kping congressn the dark atat'something some people want to have investigagateatat this pointnt. >> mike, just w wa to ask y you aboutt t thi "newsweek" report that appararenyy attorney generl eric holder m m apappot t a crcrimal prosecutor to invevestatate some of those totortee interrogatatio.. four differerent sources quotedy
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"newsweek." wewe kw this is somometngngthe president's been loaoae e to d why i the justice departmentnt considerinina a spial prosecutor? >>t is very ininrerestg to know what, if any, role th mimistration is playinginin the consideration n of estababliini thisprosecutor. bebecae e esident obama, of course, as wells nancy pelosi and congress andd other ngngreional leaders are on the recordrd aopopsing so-called loing backwards, not loooongng forward. thth is something that thehe democratic babae,e, core democrc supportersrs he e be hankering for for quitete see time. itit igoing t t be very inteteststinto seeowowthat ayays ouou john mccaiain pepeed on "meet the press" todaday. here was hisis reactiti to tht proposal. w wall know thatat b things were done. we all know that the oppeetitiv who did it most likely w wer under ordersrs do ththat for us toto continue ththisndndm our image throughghouthth world, i a areree with the president of the united statate it is time tt move forwardrdnd not goo back.k. s so hn mccain's against itit, president t oba'a's against it. nanancpelosi's against pparenen
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considering it. teresting to see wether it comes to fruition overhehe next few days in shshinon. >> no dot.t. ththanyou soso much. soson " "me t theress" this morning,g,avid gregory andnd senator john m mccn n t into a exexchgege overmcmccain'sicic presidential ckck, governor sarah palin. lilist. >> how could shebebest rvrve? wwould she mtt efectively servrv alalas a a the cotrtr and thahat was her -- >> bu senator, you have reputationon opepeonal and professiononal toughness a stick totiveness. yoyou ught the highest re in thlad, president of t t unititedtatas. you nevever ququit >> i don'tththk she ququi i think she changnged -- >> she made a promise t t voters t to rvrve t her te. didn't shehe? >> i don't't kwwf therer was a "promise." t t do knowhehe will be a an efeffeivivplayer on the nioiona ste. >> you canwawahmemeethe press"s"hehen reas at2:00 p.m. e eastern this afternoon
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right here o on msn. today f florida investigato say they're gettg closer to solving thee brutal murderr of pensacola couple. burt and melanie billings weere shot t to death thursday nht. ninine of eir chilildren, sever th special needs, were in the homeme at th time othe shshooting nbc's ma potter is i in forida with t the latest. mark, what have we lelearned? >> repororter: h norarah. an imporortant development in ts casehat occurred yesteay wheninvestigators found t the r vavan at they believeve was the one seen on a video camera entering, anand then leavingng crime scene. th investigators have alsoeen busysyinterviewing two peoeoplew cat for gued as persons of intererest. the one questio they still cann answer is why these crimes were committeted. at thehe escambia cocounty shehs office, investigators escorteted one of thehe personsf interest fromhe building after questioning hi ficial believe they arare getting cloloser to solvingng t ca. >> t the da's broke so we've g some very, very gd leads reear
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ecurrentlyly puuing. >>eporter: officials say a ti linealler tolold them whhere the cocould fi the red van that was seeny a home secucurity camera at t the murder scene. >> onc we had located the van,n deveveloped an addreress whereh n had been reegistered to, interviews wi associated neighbors, f friendsnd family le us to tw persons of inteterest. >> reporter: camereras capture e van approaching the h house thurursday eveng just afterer 7:00. can en be seenen leaeaving the housuse just five minututes lat. >> i will share this with you. i thin we were surprirised wit the e rapidi of the cre. >> r reporter:nvestigators say they stil have not established motiveve for the attacks on bur and melaniee billings. >> home invasion canan occur beuse i'm the to burarize the or i uld know youave large ounts of jewelry a and cash. >> r reporter:eanwhile, in the mmunity there is an outpourg of syympathy for the e eight adopted chilildren, me with special l needs, who were inin
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house. they were unhurt ysically, but onof the children told a school bus driver r he missed h mom and dad. >> i said, yeyeah, any time you wantnt to talko them, just l lo up t to heave and they'll alway be there. i sasaid but they'll b the in spiririt alws watching out forr you. >> reporter: t those cldren are now bein cared for b by relativs at an undisclosed location. >> reporter: bacack to t investstigation. detectives s say that ey are loing for a third m who is believed too ve ben involved in the killing. he has not yet been identitifie. that search still l underway. the sheriff totold us today t t we shoulnot be surprisedd if there an aannouncemt, perhaps s early is afternoon,, o an arresest, a leastone, possibly two. back to u. >> what t a ttragedy. mark potter, thanknk you so mu. > nearly5,000 p people packed a colise in mississipippi to hohor the life of former nfl quarteterback eve m mcir. a funeral service was h held fo the 36-year-old d this weekend theniversity of southern
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missisissippi. several footbaball playe spoke duriring theervice, including some of mcmcair's former temates. polilice say i apappearscnair ws shot and killeded on july 4th b hiss 20-year-old girlfriend who then kililled herself. some hope t this morning in e case of a missing teenager from w wester new york. brittany directiononal vanished during spring break i myrt beac2 1/2 months o. the 17-year-old w last seen leaving a hohotel. now w a vetan myrtlele beach policefficer believes the g girl may still l be alive. he says therere are intimate pas of the investitigation that mak the cacase differenentrom any otheher missing persrsons case ey've seen. heould not real details.. poce say they continunue t rereceive ti on this case o on daily basis.s. a im club in onone philelphia suburb is s still knee-deep inin troubled waters. a class tion complaint hass n beenen filed ainst the club based on allegions of rism. thlawsuit targets the valley swim clubub in htington valley, pennsylvania.. an africican-amerin mother alleges that hererour children were denenied swimmi privileges
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becausof the c color of thheir sk. the suit also says tat other camperers heard club member ma some racacist remarks. the president of the club's board ofirectors has apologized and saidd the was a "misunderstatanding." happenining now, aew line of tentially dangerous s thunderstorms are on t theove across the midwesest and centra plains. eye ntses in buchanan, ohihio say a tornadado hit the town n saturday. crcrews are earing downed tes and otr ebris. fifive peoplwere injurered. in log, utah, policee have calledff the search for a missing moththernd her two children authoritieies believthe family were inside their home whe it collapsed on satururday. heavy rns used a nearby cananal to rupture triggeringg ooding and mudslidedes in the family neighborhood. the cicity's re chief sa the rth above ththe home is n ststable enough to ve search and rescue crse on-si and arare now switching g from a rescue mission to recovery. in central floorida, flooding. resides say the rainn ca down so fast, roadssoon started to
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ok like rivers there. r more weather news, c check out weweather.m. noww to the ltest on the space shuttleendeavour." nasaanagers sang today'y's weher conditions at cape canavel continue to lo gooood. nasa has givenen the go-ahead f toght's liftf. wh a difference, o of course, a day makes, bause a sies ofof lightning strikekes near the launchad causing shutting manars to cancel ssaturday' launch. now the lates from nbc'c's jay ba barberie at cacape canaveraral. >> reporter: i thihink w gotot great chance toda noah. everytng is beautiful here today. fact, if it had not beenor them going, looking at the lightning stririkes that occurr two days o, callingng o thehe launch atttemptyesterday, we could haveve launched last nigh bebecause althe thunderstorms re over at disneyey world, if you ca believe itit, noh. it wasas clear here. sn't anything close the launch p pad. they're hoping to gettthe same
10:12 am
ththing here today thehey y it 70% go. ththey need to keep t the thundedershowe away by asas muc as 20miles, and theyhink th're going to havave a good shot at it. launchch t time iss 7:13:55, or fiveseconds sht of 14 p.m. it will be the beginning of a 1616-day mission to the international spacace statio they'r're taking up the last le piece of the space ation. itit's a porch t that goeses o e japane laboraratory. they get that up therere, then ththey've t all the maj piieces in plalace f the international space station. >> iove it. prettyty inteteresting. jay barbree, thanksks so much. fingercrossed. >>the kickof to the nfirmation heaarings. what k kind of obstacles coulul soa sotomayayor expect from republicans? > and late a teenager t takes flightht and lds in the hiory books. we're goining to tl y you about her new accomplishment. > and latater, some find it funny. otrs think it is a sign you have too mh time on your hands. people are poing pictures of
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new and only froogressive. call or click today. > msnbcc the place f for politics. nenew isismorning, presesidt t obama isplaying defense over his stimulul p platoday in the ce ofising unemployment. the new "washington n " oed the prident wres, "it was from the sta a two-year ogram. we must let itork the way it's supposed to. th the understanding that in anyrecession, unemployment tends to recover more slowly thanther measures of enomic activity." i'm joined by a.b. stdard, asciate editor at colnist with "thhillnewspaper. good morning, a.b. >> gd morning, norah.
10:17 am
>> it is interesting with the president, of course, puttg an op-ein the "washington po." just how conrned is the white house that they are losing the public relations war over this stimulus here we have the president ay, "hold on now. ha some patience, everybody." >> very are concerned. i mean you saw an efft from the left wing of his own party, requests coming for aecond stimulus saying that the fst stimulusid not work in light of the continuous jobless figus that we continue to s month afte month and the trectory of joblessns, we' heading right into 10% unemployment this year and fears it will rise even higher. so upon cas from the progressive wing of his party for unions andsome economists for secondstimulus, rection frther members of his party, the concept of stimulus, we're not going to gothere, these are centrist democrats i his party
10:18 am
who see rising concern public polling aboutdeficits and set and snding and there not going to go ther thepresident knows there's no political will on capitol hi for a second stimulus. he's got startalking up what the first oneis going to do. that'swhy he framing it now a two-year extended program that's not actually the case that they made infebruary when it ssed. they did say it wou prevent unemployme from going pas 5%. it did no they did say t take effect within weeksr ms and it did not. th're actually trying to reframe this debates quickly as they can. >> i think that is a really important point that you pointed ou a.b. the president also saying tay it will ramp up in theummer or the fall, sortf pushing that tim li abo when the american people, when the economy is going to start feeling some of e effects fm thestimulus. politically speaking it gave t republican really the opening they needed or wanted.
10:19 am
want to play what the republic whipric cantor sd in the republican radio response this weekend. lien. >> they promisedou that if you paid for their stmulus, jobs uld be cted immediately. theyromised jobs created. now they scrble to find a way to play gamesith governmen numbers by claiming jobssaved. >> a.b., what about that? did the white house omise to create js or was it crea "and save" jobs? >> it was always "create d save." thoughhe number when we first started talking about stimulus, e transition, between president bush and president obama was somewhere in t $2 million range, then $4 llion, it laned back at 3.5 million. it was always a cbination of create and save. the problem is there is no measurer formulafor measuring sad jobs. we can argue that money from the stimulus programent to states that were cash-strapped, that probably would have laid off public workers.
10:20 am
and it probably did save some jobs in the state. t the white house has putome searier pressure on themselves coming out in early june -- wh the studies were coming about the stimulus only 5% of the money d gone out. now i thinit is12% of the money has gone t. ba in june they said withi 100 days from now wee going to save or create another 6,00 jobs. that date cmes up septemr 16th. now six weeks later mid-july they'rsaying this is a two-year roam. threpublicans are pounding on is and it is poising the well in the health ceebate for democrats, very nervous abt the fact thathey can't spend another trillion on health care, there's too much deficidebt already and that the stimulus is perhaps not working. we may seeome fireworks on rse capitol hill next week. the president' supreme court nomineeonia somayor goes before the senate judicia ittee. we heard from oneof the top reblicans thismorning,
10:21 am
senator john ornyn, saying they'll ask about her stateme that judges n't beneutral i heard senatorchumer say this morning that he thinks she'll get northf the ves that even judge roberts got and he got 78 votes. is this lookinlike she going to be comed and confirmed by a wide margin? >>he will definitely be confirmed. i don't think it is wise for democrats to tell what kind ofumber she'soing to get in nal pass, in fal vote, for confirmation because you just don't know. we don't know what's goingto haen in the hrings. we know she will be confirmed. the republicans don'have the numbers. i've actually heard senator coyn saythey just won't be able to mount filibuster no matterhow srongly conservatives feel because they won't have the numbers. i think thereill be a strong attempt byepublicans during these hearings course to bring up the hot issues, affirmative action, abortion, gun control, gay rights,
10:22 am
they willoh on everythg and they are hopi to cat her a response that can please their base and raise some money. but in terms of blocking this minee and stoppinger from becoming a justice on the supreme court, none in eith pay thinks that that's possible >> a.b. stoddard with "the hill." thanks, a. >> thanks, norah. a programmingnote -- we it he foe latst on sonia sotomayor'sonfirmation hearings. we'll brg them to you live starting tomorrow. i'll up onapitol hill. that'sight here on msnbc. > and a big birday party for britain's big ben. a celebraon was held in london yesterday. it's onef many events honoring e 150th aiversary of the landmark. the bell first pealed on july 11th, 1859. to stay on top of f ame after 50,
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exhilararate today i illois police are exexpaing their investigatioio into a gruesome graveve digging scandadal. a histotoricclackemetery
10:26 am
outside chicicag desecrated innn lelegeoney-making sememe. today theurr oak cemetery y in aea alp p isow declared a crime ene. the cook c couyy sheriff n now s asany as 5,000 grave siteses cocoulhave been affectcted >> wee dot know what thendnd will be.e. god as m my witness,, n n one ws to know th more thannme. can'tell you how chch i want hold somee woman's hd and say,y, isiste at thehe end of t day we'll getyoyou here and you'll have peace a and resolutionon >> fourfofoer emploloye s sta accused of dumping oror dismembering as s ma as 300 unearthedd corpses in a scheme o rerese p plo that nettedhem ndndre of thousands of doarar the are about 100,00000
10:27 am
grgresites thther g grvivi families have be turning to the r revenend sse jackson and the ininbopush coalition. heoioinss now from chicago. reverendnd, ananksor joining. >> gooood morning. >>his sttorust keepepss getting grosser anand weirder. the more we learn -- nowhehe policece deare this entire cemetery -- it's 150 aes---- a cre scene. wh are you learninganan how are these families cining? >> wel, ththe numberss are fair loso far. it's prorobay y ch bigger. ththiss a pay-for-plotscheme anandvv a loong period of time the who are inn jail now m maye the fall guysys f for a much bi, broadeder heheme ee funeral dirececrsrs are regulated andd funeral homes ar regulateted t t e cemeteteri a e nonot. there's been a repssiststan o e cecemery owners to beregulated t t th must .. those whoo manage ts cemeteter also mananagotothecemeteries. just how dedespad is this
10:28 am
practice? weee uging peopleleroroun the tionoo visit thth grave sites of the retives around the nation too see w widespread is isis graveyardhievery practice. i i k kno of urse -- at l las policece sayememtt till's gravee was not harmed in tss scmeme. but ththe'e's lot of blalack peopoplenn chicago whwh h hav family members,,fcourse,whwh were burieddnn this cemeteryry what concernss you most? >> a abo emmett till's story, supposedly after h his mother dd a memorial sup by e eetett ll and mononey w wre raised for th d d neys c cnonot be acunund for now. many headsdstos s ha been taken awayay seems tre was$15,0000 $5,000, $3,000 moneney c ch schemes i thisis process.s. the e wi be legislation roesd again next week. maybe somerrimal acts
10:29 am
brbrout. maybe soso class action lawsuits. ththerwill be another meeting this afternoon in chchico,o, kd of prayeyevigigil, for peeee to seseekome closusure this iss a veryaainl crime scene. its ininscscrible thdepth of agony y opoplere now goining thugugh. we know new gugution and leslation is in orderererer andd throughout thehe nation.. >> revererend i want towiwitc pics to thebibi news that the naacp isis marking 1i9s 00th anniversary.y. president obama is g gngng to be theren new york on t trsrsda address the group. there is areat p pie in the ashington post" today y th kind of lays outome interesting questionon which ii w w th y y have the first black u.s. presididt,t, es this mark thehendnd of the civil rigt agendada? how does the naacp needo anangeheir mission? >> well,fifirs of l, the mission to fefend prorote and in civil rights do not anange because theed to be dendnd, protectcted and need to gained.
10:30 am
many years laterwe are free but not euaua in e eerery cateteryry hoininsubpredator schemes, scam, the ceefountry wide and wells fargo invovoeded more blacks.. poverty, exporting aertain kind of raceceararge way. weneed some stimuluss targeted rereli because while t tre is a double-digit unenempymymt in the nanati w, in every category fofor blacks,whwhetr it is the loss ofjobs, home foreclosusus,, student loans, we're facing double trouble s sthe burden cicivi rightsrotection and equality rememai the agenda.. >ouou pnt out the disparities stillexist. some racicis too, th still isists i want to readad you sometethi from thehereresint of the naacp, the prpredent, this younung 36-year-old, saiaid i inhe "washington post." the one hand we see t t image of a black man getting ofof r forcrce e.e. on the heher hand we se photots
10:31 am
of kidsetetti turned away from a swimming pool. we can't be post-racial untile are post racism, and until gegethther we will be onhehe watch. you agreeee? >> of uue. we arere free but notot equal. that becomes thehe challenge of the administratatio there are 2. million americican in prison today. 1 millionn are blbla.. mostly ououng black lele and they neneed upon comingback, they need job training,hehey eded jobs,s, ededation. when you close plantss andhehe bsbs lve and drugug and guns come, 25 year-olds in the amerera a arthe most nnrous. we neeeeddome targetetedtitilus lief to bebenn torrk the cycyee of unplploynt as well a a stop thehe hemorrhagingng. thth s stilus has been good for e banks wateringnghehe leaves bubuthe roots veve n been wawated.d. we're still ling half a
10:32 am
million jobs a a momoh,h, 4.4 mimilln n hos in forereososur $100 millllio intutude loans nding for a year. it seems too me that need to stimulate upop d also stop the hemorrhage at the bottomom blacks are taking aa dououblhit omom t hemorrhagaginlili the bobott of the economy. >> all right, reverend jesse jasosofrom chicago, thanks very much. >> ill ahead, h has the economic stimulus plan been overpromised andnd underdeliver? we'll talk about itit. thatat'sexex right herere m ms sunday.. (aouncer) introducg w tide stain leas a volutionary inash oster that... woworks th your detergent to help remove tough staiains.. the e first ti. coming to stores te july. getour dollar fifty coun at today! nd of nsider myself a robiooof the directing rld.
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politics w. on "meet the press" t thi momorning, senator mccain react totoewew rorts t former vice president dick cheney fluenced ththe cia toeep secret countete terror programs s unrr wrapaps. >> the presesenent i think shou viously be heardrom if cucusaons are leveled in his
10:36 am
direction.n. clearly theepepubcans did not sign a aetter, apparently, thth was writitte allegiging this, i think itit' frankly,y, o early fome to rehh anyonclusion. i it doesn't appppe as if any lines were crossed i your judgment? >> don't know, bececau again, a lot o of this i anonymous socece a and thisis -- if i know shshinon, this is thehe beginning of a p preyynvolved and d detled story,nd idodot ha e enoh informatiti, , bui thinkk a a lot moores to come o is. should thereee ann ininveigigion, you think? >>irst of l,l, i'd liike to kn t the facts t the case before theree ould be "a"an investigigatn.n." how long didd t t d dictctor ofe cia know abouthis p pogograand enenid he rminate ? d d l of theseseththin are going to pobobly be heavivily discussed in the weeks aheadad. >> we wanto remind you that ouour rebroadcast of "meet thth press" airs at a n new time,hh
10:37 am
afternoon at 2 2:0astern rht here onn msnbc. for n on the s scrcret cia program thatat dk k chey apparently didn't want c coneses to know out, i'm joined live by dannnny diez, and karen fin. great to haveoth ofouou t tis momorng. karen, l l me start with you.u. we are arning more andore details thatat this w w direct orders from t former viice presesenent'office, dick cheney, to keep quietet aout thiss program.m. we hearfrom senatator d di durbn isis mning that cononesess should investigigat do you tnk the docrats will actually do ii >>ope theywill. look, i ththinkk there arere questionss raised. nonoh,h, we've sort of snn this ppen along the last sevevalal months whehere little by litttt weweee fding out ttt things s that we were told d tueded o not b btrue. rmrm vice president h has v vyy little credibibili with the
10:38 am
american people anddf in fact idid order the cia nottoto dispense of theirr dueses a actually inform thee cgrgres of the prprraram thattththeyere proceeding with, thatt creates real problems. we knowow tat v vcece psident cheneyey w a advdvoce forr more powerful executive brbrch. we sawaw a nuuererf ways in wchh he d did so things thatat most us think werere not in l li wit ththe constitituonon. certainly questions a a isised i tinink democrats w wll p proed and ask k qutitionabout that. bubut h he that ty'll do so vivisly in an apprpropatate way. ththiss obvioious classified ininrmation. > dnyny, have a fororme official telling nbnene that cheney felt that i congress was briefed, that thth existence o the program could, or would, leak out. is that an excuse thouough don'n't thehe l requirere that e execututivbrbriecongress? i i thihink t tere a l lot details aboutut is into ne to meme o. cecertnlnl the former v ve e president should h hav the oprtunity to speak to tthi i think we shouould withhol
10:39 am
judgment until weehave all t fafas.s. at the end ofheheayis wt i sese with regard tohehe cia and national security, a a l l of ti is being done andd politicizizo prop up a damaged spepeak o wawas rally kindff gone out and lost a lot o o credibilityty wh the american p pplple d she has attacked our nationalal ecurity you nonow, for the that do nationonalececury in an effort to kind of save her n credibility. iihink a lot of this is revolving around tht. >> danny, i knonowoou' trryi to d defctct a puputhihis on speaker nancy y pesisi but i d neneedooold your f fe tthe fifiren thth. thlalaw s scicifilly requires thprprident to makee sure the intelligenceomommiee is kept fully anddcurrently infoform o ththe telligence activities in the united states,s, including y sisignicican anticipated intelligence acvivi. th is partrt of the nationalal security ac of 1947. d d th president a and the v vic president break ee ll?? >> well, the's reaeayy no way to owow. at the endf f e dayhehe
10:40 am
executive branch is charged wi keepinggururountry safe t the why not have investigatatiototoind o outf meone broke the law? >>hink it is easysy to jump e e n here.e. folks n ndd t learn mme. we'r're going of onenew york tis"s" sry -- >> one w way is tolelearn more toave an invevestatatn. >> i jtt w wan to rpopo to a couple o o thingngs danny ss.s. certainly it does seemem t tt t re we learn, thee speaker was acactulyly qte right in some o the things thathehe sa.. but morere importantly, rah, listen to what wee sayyin 're in a stuation where tentially the vice prprididen of the united statesofof americ unilataterlyly me have made a dedesion that the congressss cld not be trusted. i would posethat thatat as dangerous toto our ntitial seriritys any of the other thgsgs if weare in a situation th's's so pootiticid or soso -- in suc ay that thehe vice presididen feels that h he n'n't ust the congress, that endanange our security. laws wereree broken,certainly weanant see thth me to light and c ceaiainl the propriate actctioshshld be taken. think what you'll see iss dedecrats proceeding inn a
10:41 am
responsible, apppproiaiateay, and thth i is let's h hve an investigatatn,n, t's find outut what the f fac are andnd then te the aropriate aaioion. let's not blolowhis into a de-for-tv kind of entnt in the way that the republicansns did ring the 90s0s in the clinton administrarati.. let's find out whhat -- >> hundreds s of thousands ofofs ereryonth --hey can conontiee to --hihis administrationnd this congress cancocontue to focus on thiss predecessors and on therevious ainistration. itit not going to create obobs. 's notoing to hee those standingng wh h th american people. >danny,f the law w was broke, that doeoesn c conrn you? u'u' not worried t tha tential lay law was broken? >> i i tnknk we need t tearn more. i ththin jumping to conclusioio after oneneneyork times" story babad d on a aonymoussosours is not a smart thing t t do. >> let's address sosomeining her than a "new york times"s" story. that is t tisis report released friday byhehe inspectctor geners of fiveagencies about te nanaononalecurity agency's domestic rvrvllance program.
10:42 am
agn that government r rept t ththnsnspeor general makes clcleathth vice president's's pepersalal advisorrried evereryo.. e report case is the "the exceptioionayycomparted natuure of t theroroam from m us ratete investigige e efforts." > i t thi once again, i is sa to discuss t thehings and loo into these inin and ask questions s ouout ese things. i don't think k iisis fair toojp to conclclusn n and accusee pe. thk k ere is a re for viously congress and tsese responsible to look k in some of ese things and ask s se of thosose ququesons. bubut the endnd o of eeday, speakingng fm m rely political pepersctive, it does not hp is congress andememocts in congress to continue t to fococo thth previous administration an nono deal with the charge, whi is viving this e enonomy forwar d d eping this country safe. d do u agree with thhat on a political notete,karen? we, i think thahatoth this miminiration and congress havee beenororki very har onovovin
10:43 am
americarward. imemean we've stabilized the bas, we've worked onn the housing induduryry. now w weee wowoining on the stimulus package.e. wewee working on prododining green econonom ththers plentyhat congress is prying to momo f forrd on health caca reform. but i think that dooestt take awayayrorom e fact that hinin an investigation and understandining atat hpened franany y sohat we can mee sure it doesn't happen ain is absolutelyly appropriaia.. onerson, vivid addington,ad anan aul lot offfatr.r. our constitututi, , oufounding father, our systemem of governmt is supposed to create a balance between the branchch o of government. we had a vice prpresenentho bebeevevedhat the execututiv shouldld he e mo powerer tn the others. that's not in linewiwithur lulu as a untry. > d dan diaz, k kan nnnney thanks so o chch for joioini us this morning. great discussion.. still aheaea -- encouourang signss ttt california's budgdge fight mayy a actlly be cming to an end. ththe oromomi up ght here m msn sunday. many surfaces that seeem smooth and strong.... ...are actually susceible to irreversible ma.
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new detalts emerging in the custody fighover michael jackn's three children. people magazine reporting bbie rowe theex-wif and biological mother to 2f micha jackson's 3 chdren is planning to attend a july 20th custody hearin a lawyer f the jackson family yi katherine jackson and rowe are now prify and amicab trying to resol the custody ise. joining me r some perspective, a family law attorney who has covered estate cases tensively, and paul cow a former prosecutor. great to ve you bh. janet, this report 're hearing that debbieowe in fa is going to bhereat this next hearing on ly 20th. what's your read on that? does she really want custody of thkids or ishis about sothing else? >> well, if they're trying to work out a settlemt which is of course in the best interests of these ildren, her appearance is necessary to put th settlement on theecord to
10:48 am
present it to the judgeo have it become bding agreement. >> do you agree, pau >> well, yeah, i do. buthe thing thatreally gets to me on this is where does debb rowe get off saying that she should be a custodial parent in this situation? she said in an interview once these ki should notall her om" because they were michael jackson'kids. she's had no rolin their life. the facthat the court might even consider giving her a parental role i think is shocking. >> if they're already trng to work behind e scenes to work this out, paul, what'soing to happent this july 20th hearinhear hearing? >> i think they'll put a stipulation on record, maybe debbie rowwill back off. she's comento the pcture before for money, then settled and ck away from the children. that's a possility. another possibility is they'll just appear inhe judge and it will be put off uil another date. rember a guardian was go to bepinted to represe the chdren. i haven't hed a lot about that
10:49 am
guardian. that iss might be discussed in court as well. >> janet, on friday we heardoe jackson, of urse michael jackson's ther, talking about the three children and for the first time talking abou how he would be raising them, at least, part. would that affect the case at all? we know -- or at least have heard thatichael jackson did not get away with his fathe very well. there were complicated histor behindthem. >> the factual opening ves debb rowe theopenin to get custody. she's the biological parent so she s the presumption of the best interests of the child in her back pocket. she sits the and shelso sa, i'm going t prott my ildren. she has announced she wld get a restraining order to keep joe jackson away from her cldren so she can prevent the kind of abus jackson apparently did to michael jackson and h siblings she has said want to be able to prote my three children
10:50 am
because kathene didn't a good enough job to protect her own children. that's where she gets the factual piece to give her the right to stay there frontof the judge and say i want my children bac >> it is very weak argument though, norah. beuse joe jackson doesn't live with kherine jackson. katherine ckson's going to come in and say i'm going to be raising these childr, not joe jackson. so it gives her opening to get into court but i don't thi its a stng opening. >> as long herine jks ist confirmg that she's going to let joe jackn have a say in this, that's what you need to look at. if katherine was on "good moing america" saying that, that wou be a huge difference. >> intesting. we'll have much re july 20th at tt hring. thanks so mu. stil ahead -- why investigats say they're close to catching the killer of a orida couple. a lve report our nexhour a lve report our nexhour righhere omsnbc. we' all heard about t tuble in the hohousing industry. the fact is, with allll thek of a nationa real estate market, your town, yououneighbhood, your home, or the home you'd liketo buy, are each uquque.
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president obama isururng amereranans be patient withhehe
10:54 am
$787 billion sttimusus plan before any considerationonofof secocondlala here's parart h hisp-ed in thii morning's "washshgtgtonost." "stimululus s s om the start a two-yearar pgrgr and itit willl steadily s savanan eate jobs as it ramps up p ov t thi summer ad fafall the presidenenalalso tokok the airwaveseshihis weekend defendi acaccutions from republicans who say thetitimus hasailed to live upp t to its promise. >thth said that unemployment would stay under 8 yet just months s teter ey are telling g usowowo brace f f unemployoyme t to imb over 1010. >> w we m mu let work the yy 's's supposedd toititthe understandininththatn any cecessn, uuneloloent tendsoo recover moree slowlyy t than ot measures of enomic activity. >"washington post" financiai reporter neil irinin is s e exrtrtnd joins usnow. all rit,t, nemployment now at about 9.5%. di this admdmintrtrionpromise th they could ke it ununde that numbmb?? >> it's t quite a proromi that
10:55 am
ey would staylolowe thanthat. was in the projection thatat yo reremeerer wn the stimulus streak was tting ing, two economicstaffers for the president prepared a r repttnd it was ththei projection. ththatith stimulus eeloyment wowoulstay under 8%. projections s e e alys kind of cagey y ano say tt they promised thatt ununplploynt woud ststayndnd that level i think ma be overstating .. bubut is true t thathth unemployment rae,e, the economys gotten a a l worse than t the were expecting and certainly than most people we e exptiti six x mohshs ago. >>e hear the p predent today, according toto t rublicans, mong the goal post. but the president says, let's's wait innater thisuuer wiwit this falltoto seeesome of the effects from the ststululus do we knowow much h has ben spent and why haven't't we seenn that jump s srtrto the econonomy >> well,l, ouou 110% has bnn spt t so far.r. that's g goito ramp a lot i in the second h ha of theyear. in 20 is their is a lot money goining t t th door. the reeas it hasn't donene lot
10:56 am
reres this is a deep difficult recession.n. there aree majojor readjujumemen the u.s. ecocono.. we had aomomple collapse of ththfinancial systemm lastfall. those thingsgs take a whilil to dede with. jan in the ''90, depression i in the u.., i not as bad things arere owow > t president s sa today be patienen h holyour horses onn a secondnd s stuluspackage. not a lot othe first stulus has s enen spent. why is ttt? >>he trade-off i is atat wh you do g gerernmt spspding, if u'u'reoing to haveall the ecks and thiningsoo make sure it goes out without a a t of fraud, w witutut lot of irresponsible behavior, i happens slowly. l the things youou do to ke rere the money gets s sntnt wel a a tre-off betweenow well you spend d itndnd howuickly you enend it so theompromise that it is takakggeveral months and it is jujustowow kind off
10:57 am
acaccerating and the m meyey gettining t t e door. >> pretty interestiti,, nll irwiwin,rorothe asashiton post," thahank this is aarereat story. a 15ear-old girl i i flying high after king historyry a a te youngest african-americann fele tolyly cross country. kikierly even flew with hihisty to wi a a tuskegee airman. at's kimberly goingg t t do for her r ne g gatadventure? >> eat, sleep. relax. have to finish myhowork, too. kimberly's bigg goalal-- getet her pilot't'lilicee and fly solo. > > its the latest andnd most bizarre internet p phememe swswpinghehe obobe. look at t so o o these pictures. it is called the lying-down game. serarafacebook groups arere displaying thoususan of photographs people lyiyi face-down in odd locations.. they l down anynywhe e om tree
10:58 am
brbranes to a golf range, ev an aircraft e engnene from a ju jet wasn't off-limits. r,r, therearar more t th 4,000 images on e ouou' facebook page.. more o on what liies aheadf ninighs launch fromomthe shuttle "endedeavr.r." also, "bruno"o" and his fabulolouspepeni at the box ofcece can this f filmm stand upupto h ttttern the days to me? at story coming up on msnbc sunday. (announcer)r) we speak car. we speak rpms so yououanan zip by other cars.s. buwewe ao speak mpgs so u can fly by gas stations.s. in fact, we spepe mpgs so fluently,y, wwe n n y one morore ining. the nenefofordusion is the most-f-fueefefcient mimidse e dan in amemeri.. and that's sometetngng no one else can n sa we speak the 201010 ford fusion.
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